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  • Product description:


Input voltage: a button batteries (1.5 V battery/AG13)
5 ma working current:
The speaker impedance: 180 ohm
Gain: 50 db + / - 6 db
Output power: 5
The frequency response of the amplifier: 200-4000 hz

Product description:
 1.This product has the function of amplification, can provide up to 60 decibels of sound amplification. Similar to the cell phone headset, flexible ear hook is easy to adjust to fit all shapes and sizes, right ear and left ear can wear.
2. This product has a volume control, may be adjusted according to individual needs.
3. This product is light small, will not bring trouble to display their people.
4: open the battery cover, gently press is negative direction into a grain and the corresponding model button batteries, close the battery cover;
5: the ear hook on the hard of hearing, and then will be and try to plug the ear plug into. (note: the machine should be closed at this time, that is "OFF", the volume knob should be in the small voice gear, or within the earphone plug into the machine to produce feedback sound a fraction of a second (i.e., whistlers) may cause discomfort.) ;
6: will dial to "ON" switch "OFF" gear gear, and then adjust the volume knob, clockwise, according to their own sense of hearing, to select the suitable volume;
7: when using the volume generated by whistlers, because the silicone ear plug is not tight, cause the voice feedback, please check whether the size of the silica gel earplugs, silica gel earplugs is plugged, if feel to plug the ear plugs, please change to choose more consistent with the size of the wearer ear canal of the specifications of the silica gel earplugs tightly sealed ear canal, don't leak;
8: when stop using hearing aid, please put the power switch in "OFF" position, so that can save electricity.
Not suitable for the user:
Serious heart disease, suppurative otitis media; Carry in patients with cardiac pacemaker and allergy to this product material, ear skin ulcers is forbidden to use

The products have CE ROSH and FCC certification

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